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Let us help you with energy code compliance!

What is IECC compliance?

The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) was adopted in 2000 and was created by the International Code Council.  It is designed to establish a minimum requirement for energy efficiency in new construction. This alone has helped many save the amount of power generated. Many states and local governments have adopted these codes over the last 20 years.

Every three years, the ICC comes out with an updated IECC, similar to ASHRAE, with minimum requirements that any city or state can adopt. Not all cities have to adopt the latest version of the IECC, and some cities and counties do not at all.  Texas is usually running 6 years behind on these codes.

Understanding these codes can become very cumbersome, and cities have relied on energy raters to help inspect and navigate you through these building energy codes because we have the necessary training.

There are 4 paths that a builder can follow to comply with the IECC (2021):

  1.  Prescriptive Compliance Option
  2. Total Building Performance option
  3. Energy Rating Index 
  4. Tropical Climate Region Option

If you are unsure of your path, please reach out, and we will guide you through each path.  Ask about our energy code compliance packages!

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Keep your building up to date with the energy codes

In our experience, all municipalities have their own way of complying with the energy codes program.  Don’t worry, we are have the training to help with an energy code inspection.  If it deals with insulation inspections, blower door tests, duct leakage testing, documentation, or energy letters to your local government development services department, we’ll perform an assessment of the situation so we can help.  The training our team receives allows them to help so many people with the overall state energy conservation. Give us a call!

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