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What is a HERS Rating?

At Lone Star Energy Efficiency, we offer RESNET Home Energy Ratings to San Antonio and the surrounding areas. A HERS rater provides a preconstruction energy analysis of your building plans, the onsite pre-drywall inspection, and blower door and duct leakage testing.  

We use your blueprints and energy efficiency software to determine your projected HERS.  This software can also determine code compliance and forecasted energy usage.  The San Antonio home builder can then use this information to decide on HVAC equipment and establishment products installed at their project to achieve higher HERS scores.

Our certified team at LSEE will then perform pre-drywall and duct leakage testing to determine that every air sealing and insulation measure has been made to meet thermal and air sealing requirements.  Duct leakage is performed during this stage to ensure that your air ducts will meet minimum requirements earlier in the project, and to give ample time for subcontractors to come back out to make repairs.

Once all testing has been performed, LSEE will give a HERS score based on the HERS Index.

What is the Home Energy Ratings (HERS) Index Score?

The HERs index is a rating that is between 0-150, with the typical standard home being at 100 (built to 2006 energy efficiency standards). The smaller the HERS score, the more energy efficient the home is. This report can be very helpful in Texas due to the year-round high temperatures and high energy bills.

According to RESNET, a home with an index score of 70 is 30% more energy efficient than the standard reference home.

If you are looking to purchase a home in the San Antonio area, look for a HERS (Home Energy Raters) Index score! Contact our certified energy rater at LSEE, and we’ll use our energy rating system to ensure energy code compliance. We take pride in all the jobs we perform throughout Texas as third-party inspectors for energy efficiency. 

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Data Driven HERS Raters in Texas

Things to know before you start on your next HERS in Texas:

  1. A certified HERS rater will start with a building plan review of your upcoming new construction project
  2. Ratings require a pre-drywall inspection that occurs right before installing your drywall and completing all of your air sealing and insulation.
  3. Blower door testing and duct leakage testing are a required part of the process and are performed when the project is completed.
  4. Check with a HERS raters company while you are planning to start a build because you could earn tax credits if a few additional steps are taken.
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